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OurKidsSports.com is the UK's most advanced Online League Administration System, designed to allow Junior Football Leagues, Clubs and Schools to ease the admin overhead and reduce the cost of running Junior Football.

Completely re-written for the 2007/08 football season, the website now offers:


  • Secure web-based messaging system for communication across entire league
  • Database of all players registered in league, giving you a central secure record of every child playing within the league
  • Automatic fixtures generation - generate a whole seasons fixtures for any sized league with one click of the mouse
  • CUP module - fully integrated with League fixtures
  • Ref's management and allocation module
  • Online submission of match results, with the option of scoring ref's and opponents managers/players/supporters (for fair play awards)
  • Automatic publication of position tables, once all scores have been entered


  • Secure web-based messaging system for all team managers, committee members, parents and children
  • Content management system, without the need to understand how to develop bespoke websites
  • Venues system, describing how to reach your football pitches and links to external mapping systems
  • Secure database of all players registered with your club and their parents contact details
  • The ability to record match-day data at a player level, such as time spent on pitch, goals scored and goal scoring average, yellow and red cards, Man of the Match awards, etc
  • Notification of overdue posting of match results
  • No unsuitable content for Children

Click here to discuss setting up an account for your league, club or school, or call the OurKidsSports.com hotline on 07957 141 211.

Going Green?

As well as being the most complete and feature rich football administration system available, OurKidsSports.com is an extremely "green" application. Leagues, clubs and teams can save thousands of pounds every year and the use of OurKidsSports.com can also help reduce the carbon footprint involved in junior football by providing the following features:

  • Printing. Leagues, Clubs and Teams can drastically reduce the amount of printed material produced, as documents and contact details can be provided online and only made available to members of your league/club. There is even the option of no longer having to use "league provided" match cards.
  • Postage. By using the optional facility to report match results online, without the need to post match cards, an average sized league of 300 teams can eliminate the need to send approximately 10,000 match cards a season through the post, which as well as saving about £2,500 in postage, reduces the carbon footprint associated with the movement of large amounts of paper.
  • Car Fuel. By allowing clubs to display maps of where their pitches are located, visiting teams are given a clear understanding of the directions to the home teams pitch.
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