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Fixtures for Under 13's Div 7, Warrington Junior Football League

The following games do not yet have dates assigned to them. Please note the order here does not indicate the order of play.
Home TeamAway Team
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Detail ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Detail ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Results ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsBeechwood JFC United[ Results ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Results ]
Appleton AFC BocajuniorsAshton Park JFC Royals[ Detail ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsRainhill United JFC Reds[ Detail ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Detail ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Detail ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsMonk JFC Rangers[ Detail ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Detail ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Results ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Results ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsBeechwood JFC United[ Results ]
Ashton Park JFC RoyalsSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Results ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Detail ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Detail ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Detail ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Results ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedAshton Park JFC Royals[ Results ]
Beechwood JFC UnitedRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Detail ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsAshton Park JFC Royals[ Detail ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Detail ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Results ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsBeechwood JFC United[ Results ]
Golborne Sports JFC GiantsSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Detail ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Detail ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Detail ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCBeechwood JFC United[ Detail ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Results ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCAshton Park JFC Royals[ Results ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Halton Athletic JFC JFCGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Results ]
Monk JFC RangersWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Detail ]
Monk JFC RangersGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Detail ]
Monk JFC RangersBeechwood JFC United[ Detail ]
Monk JFC RangersAshton Park JFC Royals[ Detail ]
Monk JFC RangersAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
Monk JFC RangersSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Results ]
Monk JFC RangersHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Monk JFC RangersWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Results ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Detail ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsAshton Park JFC Royals[ Detail ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Detail ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsMonk JFC Rangers[ Detail ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsMonk JFC Rangers[ Detail ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsBeechwood JFC United[ Detail ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Results ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Results ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
Rainhill United JFC RedsHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Detail ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixAshton Park JFC Royals[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixBeechwood JFC United[ Results ]
Seneley & Garswood JFC PhoenixAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksAshton Park JFC Royals[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksBeechwood JFC United[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksWhittle Hall JFC Athletic[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Warrington Town FC WarlocksSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Detail ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticBeechwood JFC United[ Detail ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticAshton Park JFC Royals[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticHalton Athletic JFC JFC[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticSeneley & Garswood JFC Phoenix[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticMonk JFC Rangers[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticWarrington Town FC Warlocks[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticGolborne Sports JFC Giants[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticRainhill United JFC Reds[ Results ]
Whittle Hall JFC AthleticAppleton AFC Bocajuniors[ Results ]
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