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Fixtures for Under 10 Darwin, Tandridge Youth Football League

07 01 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
Elite Lions Football Academy FCBeckenham Town White[ Results ]
The Warren TigersWarlingham Colts Warriors[ Results ]
Afewee Urban FCActive 8 United FC[ Results ]
Selsdon Junior TigersF.C. Elmstead Bantams[ Detail ]
14 01 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
The Warren TigersSelsdon Junior Tigers[ Results ]
Beckenham Town WhiteAfewee Urban FC[ Results ]
F.C. Elmstead BantamsElite Lions Football Academy FC[ Results ]
Warlingham Colts WarriorsWest Wickham Royals[ Results ]
21 01 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
Afewee Urban FCThe Warren Tigers[ Detail ]
West Wickham RoyalsSelsdon Junior Tigers[ Detail ]
Active 8 United FCElite Lions Football Academy FC[ Detail ]
F.C. Elmstead BantamsWarlingham Colts Warriors[ Detail ]
The following games do not yet have dates assigned to them. Please note the order here does not indicate the order of play.
Home TeamAway Team
Active 8 United FCBeckenham Town White[ Detail ]
Active 8 United FCThe Warren Tigers[ Detail ]
Afewee Urban FCF.C. Elmstead Bantams[ Detail ]
Afewee Urban FCWarlingham Colts Warriors[ Detail ]
Beckenham Town WhiteSelsdon Junior Tigers[ Detail ]
Beckenham Town WhiteWarlingham Colts Warriors[ Detail ]
Elite Lions Football Academy FCWest Wickham Royals[ Detail ]
F.C. Elmstead BantamsActive 8 United FC[ Detail ]
Selsdon Junior TigersAfewee Urban FC[ Detail ]
Selsdon Junior TigersActive 8 United FC[ Detail ]
The Warren TigersWest Wickham Royals[ Detail ]
The Warren TigersElite Lions Football Academy FC[ Detail ]
Warlingham Colts WarriorsSelsdon Junior Tigers[ Detail ]
Warlingham Colts WarriorsElite Lions Football Academy FC[ Detail ]
West Wickham RoyalsBeckenham Town White[ Detail ]
West Wickham RoyalsF.C. Elmstead Bantams[ Detail ]
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