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Fixtures for U/15 C Division, Echo Junior Football League

The following games do not yet have dates assigned to them. Please note the order here does not indicate the order of play.
Home TeamAway Team
EMH EaglesRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Detail ]
EMH EaglesSenrab Leopards[ Detail ]
EMH EaglesGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
EMH EaglesRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
EMH EaglesTigers JFC Stripes[ Results ]
EMH EaglesIlford Town FA Black[ Results ]
EMH EaglesFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
EMH EaglesLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
EMH EaglesValence United [ Results ]
EMH EaglesWest Essex YFC White[ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverTigers JFC Stripes[ Detail ]
Flyers FC SilverValence United [ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverWest Essex YFC White[ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverIlford Town FA Black[ Results ]
Flyers FC SilverEMH Eagles[ Detail ]
Flyers FC SilverSenrab Leopards[ Detail ]
GFA Loughton BlueTigers JFC Stripes[ Detail ]
GFA Loughton BlueLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Detail ]
GFA Loughton BlueSenrab Leopards[ Detail ]
GFA Loughton BlueRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Detail ]
GFA Loughton BlueIlford Town FA Black[ Detail ]
GFA Loughton BlueFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
GFA Loughton BlueValence United [ Results ]
GFA Loughton BlueEMH Eagles[ Results ]
GFA Loughton BlueRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
GFA Loughton BlueWest Essex YFC White[ Detail ]
Ilford Town FA BlackTigers JFC Stripes[ Detail ]
Ilford Town FA BlackSenrab Leopards[ Detail ]
Ilford Town FA BlackEMH Eagles[ Detail ]
Ilford Town FA BlackRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Ilford Town FA BlackLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
Ilford Town FA BlackGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Ilford Town FA BlackFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
Ilford Town FA BlackRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
Ilford Town FA BlackValence United [ Results ]
Ilford Town FA BlackWest Essex YFC White[ Detail ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealWest Essex YFC White[ Detail ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealFlyers FC Silver[ Detail ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealSenrab Leopards[ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealValence United [ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealEMH Eagles[ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealTigers JFC Stripes[ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealIlford Town FA Black[ Results ]
Little Thurrock Dynamos RealGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Tigers JFC Stripes[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Ilford Town FA Black[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Valence United [ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers GFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers EMH Eagles[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Flyers FC Silver[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Ridgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers West Essex YFC White[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Senrab Leopards[ Results ]
Raphaels Park Rovers Little Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersIlford Town FA Black[ Detail ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersWest Essex YFC White[ Detail ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersWest Essex YFC White[ Detail ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Detail ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersValence United [ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersEMH Eagles[ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersSenrab Leopards[ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersTigers JFC Stripes[ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Ridgeway Rovers TigersRaphaels Park Rovers [ Detail ]
Senrab LeopardsRaphaels Park Rovers [ Detail ]
Senrab LeopardsGFA Loughton Blue[ Detail ]
Senrab LeopardsWest Essex YFC White[ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsTigers JFC Stripes[ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsValence United [ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsEMH Eagles[ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsIlford Town FA Black[ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Senrab LeopardsFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesEMH Eagles[ Detail ]
Tigers JFC StripesLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesIlford Town FA Black[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesWest Essex YFC White[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesSenrab Leopards[ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesValence United [ Results ]
Tigers JFC StripesRidgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Valence United Raphaels Park Rovers [ Detail ]
Valence United Ridgeway Rovers Tigers[ Results ]
Valence United West Essex YFC White[ Results ]
Valence United Ilford Town FA Black[ Results ]
Valence United EMH Eagles[ Results ]
Valence United Flyers FC Silver[ Results ]
Valence United Little Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
Valence United GFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
Valence United Senrab Leopards[ Results ]
Valence United Tigers JFC Stripes[ Detail ]
West Essex YFC WhiteTigers JFC Stripes[ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteIlford Town FA Black[ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteFlyers FC Silver[ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteRaphaels Park Rovers [ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteSenrab Leopards[ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteValence United [ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteGFA Loughton Blue[ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteEMH Eagles[ Results ]
West Essex YFC WhiteLittle Thurrock Dynamos Real[ Results ]
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