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History of the South East Essex Primary mini soccer League

The league was formed with Guidance from the FA in the 1997, the founder members where Brian Mitchell, Richard Webb, Alieen Wallace Dave West.

The first season 20 Teams played, this gradually grew year by year from u7-u10 football this was all 7 a side football.

Mini Soccer was competitive then and divisions were named after points of the compass, west, east, south, north, and the team’s strength determined what division you were placed into, giving relegation and promotion taking place each season something to fight for.

We also ran a successful cup final day, playing the competition over the season, the finals were at the start played at Warner’s Bridge, before moving to Gt Wakering Rovers, giving a better cup final experience to the teams.

In 2008 the FA made Mini soccer non-competitive, this meant that all leagues and results were not to be recorded except for the function of grading teams for new divisions by the league each year. This was the same for the cup competitions which ended the same season.

The same season the FA changed the format with u7 & u8 playing 5 a side with u9 & u10 playing 7 a side still.

In 2016 The FA allowed us to play festival football which meant we could have smaller cup final’s played over a few weeks for each age group except u7 teams.

Currently we have 45 clubs comprising of 62 - u7 teams, 71 - u8 teams, 81 - u9 teams, 76 - u10 teams, total 290 teams

Chairman: Brian Mitchell 97-2002, Rudi Luft 06-2007, Mark Holmes 07-21current

Secretary: Dave West 97-2000, Graham Pavitt 00-03, Mark Holmes 03-06, Adam Scott 06-09, Ernie Franklin 09-2021 current

Treasurer: Alieen Wallace 97-2006 removed, Richard Fedelmesi 06-21 current


September 2020

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