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A message from Ian Binks

Dear Secretaries, managers & coaches

I hope you have enjoyed a well deserved summer break and are refreshed ready for the commencement of the 2019-20 grass roots football season. You are receiving this newsletter as a consequence of being named on the WGS as Secretary following affiliation to Hampshire FA. If HFA records are incorrect and you are not holding a Secretary position then please advise Callum.Amos@HampshireFA.Com of any anomaly so that HFA records can be amended accordingly. If you are holding one of the two prominent roles please accept our sincere thanks in advance of your contribution to safeguard children and adults at risk for the forthcoming season, the FA and County FA are extremely grateful for your voluntary support.


The Focus of the first newsletter of the new season will be to remind you all of the importance of the Respect programme/campaign, provide an update on First Aid supplies available to Leagues/Clubs, remind you of the significance of having an Emergency Action Plan in place for your football specific venues and to raise your awareness of an app that can support you to assist the Emergency services (if required) to locate your venue.



Originally launched in the 2008/09 season, the FA Respect campaign’s new mantra of ‘We Only Do Positive’ aimed to improve behaviour on touchlines across the country by raising awareness of Respect amongst a new generation of parents, coaches, volunteers and players. The campaign follows extensive research carried out during the 2017/18 season to understand the effect of negative behaviour at football matches from Under 7s to Under 18s level more clearly, focusing on where Respect interventions would be most effective. ‘We Only Do Positive’ is The FA’s new strategic approach to emphasise the role of parents and coaches whilst highlighting the importance of positive behaviours and environments – both on and off the pitch – for young footballers involved in mini-soccer and youth football. The 18-19 Season “We Only Do Positive” campaign was a great success, raising awareness with all adults by +21% …… and overall respect marks captured through Full-Time was 85% positive. This season the FA will be building on the success with new assets & VT’s which will continue to build on the “We Only Do Positive” campaign messages & getting it to the top of mind within youth football for the start of season 19-20 campaign. To support the FA Respect Programme Hampshire FA are continuing with the requirement for all teams Home & Away to provide an adult Respect Steward for all youth football teams U13 age group and below. The Respect Steward Role is detailed in full (PPP) which was sent out electronically to every youth football league affiliated to HFA W/C Monday 19th August and as such leagues were asked to forward to Clubs and Clubs subsequently required to send out the presentation to all Mangers/Coaches and parents. Can you please play your part to influence positive behaviours in your League/Club and to assist to ensure all teams at your Club U13 and below carry out the mandatory role requirement in accordance with HFA’s endeavours to support the FA Respect programme.


First Aid and Emergency Action Plan

Koolpak offer a wide range of affordable products including refill packs and individual products such as ice packs. Whether you’re low on ice packs and plasters, in need of a whole new first aid kit, Koolpak have a wide range of first aid products at an affordable price.

As a valued partner of Hampshire FA, Koolpak have kindly offered a further 10% discount on their products, please go to the Hampshire FA portal with Koolpak here https://bit.ly/2ZckrMM  Then add the 10% discount code at checkout KOOLFA10.


Hampshire FA have been made aware of the app what3words. Take a look at the recent BBC article here:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49319760

  • what3words is a really simple way to talk about location.
  • Each location is assigned a 3m square in the world and a unique 3 word address that will never change.
  • 3 word addresses are easy to say and share, and are as accurate as GPS coordinates.


For example, this is the centre spot at the Hampshire FA Winklebury football complex!  https://what3words.com/tens.mops.frames Just search What 3 Words in a web browser or app store to download/use.

 This means to Grassroots clubs like yours, you can pin point pitches/stadiums training venues or incidents to your club members or other visiting clubs, but most importantly the emergency services, as an incident can be highlighted within 3 meters from where the incident has occurred! 

We are really interested to know if you would consider using this app and add to your Emergency Action and Safeguarding Plans? We would really appreciate your feedback via the feedback form here https://forms.gle/NUTd1P72SS35Jxwg9 Please note this app is not associated with The FA or Hampshire FA in anyway.


Finally, please be aware that your venue should have a Medical Emergency Action Plan in place to assist you deal with any situations whereby a significant injury or emergency occurs.


Prior to training/match (both home & away):-

•        Have fully stocked in date first aid kit

•        Appropriately first aid trained person in attendance (minimum Level 1)

•        Emergency access is clear & any key needed is readily available (know who/where)

•        Know any specific venue procedures

•        Ensure contact details of parents/guardians are available for all players

•        Be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions. If any medication is required by a player ensure they have this (if not should not be participating)

•        Have a charged mobile phone

•        Know where the nearest available AED is and how to access this

•        Ensure all staff are clear on the FA concussion guidelines

•        Know where the nearest A&E department is

In case of emergency:-

•        Follow first aid procedures to assess player (to level of your training)

•        Do not move a player if seriously injured, call 999/112

•        Record details of any incident occurring and report as necessary

CWO Telephone number is (Insert Number) Chairman (Insert Number) Secretary (Insert Number)Tel Number for the VENUE in an Emergency is (Insert Number) Postcode is (Insert Postcode). 


Best Wishes and remember you are not alone. To clarify if you need assistance and I am not available then please seek the support of my two colleagues. Connor.Gates@HampshireFA.Com or Callum.Amos@HampshireFA.Com  

Ian Binks

Designated Safeguarding & Lead Respect Officer | Hampshire FA

E: Ian.Binks@HampshireFA.Com W: www.Hampshirefa.Com

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For assistance on urgent child protection matters within football please email Safeguarding@TheFA.com  or contact the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000, or dial 999 for police assistance.



Written by Euan Webster at 1:03PM Wednesday 28th August 2019
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