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spectator code

Spectators Code of Conduct

1. Remember that children play organized sport for their own enjoyment. They are not there to

entertain you.

2. Be on you best behaviour. Do not use profane language or harass (physically or verbally)

players, managers, referees or assistant referees.

3. Applaud all good play by your team or the other team.

4. Show respect to your team’s opponents; without them there would be no game.

5. Never ridicule or scold a child for make a mistake during a game.

6. Condemn the use of violence and verbal abuse.

7. Respect the decisions made by the referee and assistant referees. Remember they are

only human with feelings and, just like you, sometimes make an honest error.

8. Encourage players always to play according to the Laws of the Game.

9. Read the Laws of the Game to understand better what you are looking at and commenting


10. Promote this Code of Conduct among other spectators.

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