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FC Bluestar is a different kind of club


We’re a kids' club that happens to play football, not a football club that plays kids.  We like to win, but not at the expense of our children's happiness, confidence and self-esteem.  Our kids are far more important than the results on the pitch.

That's why we don't 'pick' teams - everyone is automatically in a team.  And FC Bluestar has no ‘A’ teams.  We don’t believe in them.  Our equal teams have an equal chance of winning.  Everyone gets equal time on the pitch and takes their equal turn as substitute.

So when we say anyone can join, we really mean it.  Regardless of ability. 

For us, it’s about more than football.  The kids get really fit.  They make new friends and are part of a team.  They learn to win, but, just as importantly, they learn to lose, to be sporting, to respect others and to play fairly.  They get constant encouragement and earn praise for their effort as well as their progress.

If this is what you want for your child, you’re welcome to join us.

Website: http://www.fcbluestar.net
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