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Warrington Junior Football League Message: We are being informed of games proceeding without a pre match ID check. The rules are very clear. An ID check must be done before the game starts. If your opposition haven't got their cards, the game MUST NOT proceed. The fine for not following this procedure can be up to 200, plus suspension of the guilty manager and loss of points for the defaulting team. It is also an offence for a team to proceed with a match when the opposition does not produce their ID cards. We have 10 Match Day Standards Officers visiting clubs this season and it is only a matter of time before a team is caught out . Don't let it be your team!
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Warrington Junior Football League Profile

Welcome to the Warrington Junior Football League.

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The league consists of over 65 clubs and in excess of  750 teams and over 9,200 players playing organised football in mini soccer, 9v9 and 11-a-side leagues.

The area covered by the Competition Membership is within a 15 mile radius of the Market Gate in Warrington. 

A map showing the current member clubs is shown on the following link:Click Here

League Contact Details

President: Reg Peers JP

Chairman: Alan Syddall

General Secretary: Gary Goodwin [ Send Message ]

Campaign 5 Nov 2017

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