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Mitcham Little League Profile

Mitcham Little League is affiliated to Little League Football a registered charity that provides football to local children regardless of ability. The ethos of little league is to offer football to children that may not otherwise play for their school or local team and every child is guaranteed half a game a week.

We cater for boys and girls from 8-11 and boys only at 12-13. The league is fully self contained with 3 leagues of 6 teams all playing each other twice in each half of a season.

Mini Division - Under 9 and under 10.

Each team consists of 10 players (5 of each age group) playing 7-a-side footbal for 20 minutes each way with the goals and pitch scaled down to FA guidelines. The minis do not play off-sides and 3 substitutions must be made a half time.

Bantam Division - Under 11 and Under 12.

Each team consists of 10 players (5 of each age group) playing 9-a-side football for 25 minutes each way with pitches and goals scaled to FA guidelines. 1 substitution must be made at half time and linesmen are used to implement offside.

Senior Division - Under 13 and under 14.

Each team consists of 14 players (7 of each age group) playing full rules 11-a-side football for 30 minutes each way. 3 substitutions must be made at half time.

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