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Fixtures for Under 10 Sydney, Tandridge Youth Football League

14 01 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
Holland Sports Juniors FCHamsey Rangers Blues[ Results ]
Coulsdon Athletic LionsSelsdon Junior Pumas[ Results ]
Crystal Palace Ladies FCFriendly FC[ Results ]
Millwall Lionesses FCMoonshot Tigers[ Results ]
21 01 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
Coulsdon Athletic LionsHamsey Rangers Blues[ Results ]
Friendly FCMillwall Lionesses FC[ Results ]
04 02 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
Crystal Palace Ladies FCMillwall Lionesses FC[ Results ]
18 02 2018 [ All Matches On This Day ]
Home TeamAway Team
Moonshot TigersAddiscombe Athletic Blizzards[ Results ]
Millwall Lionesses FCHolland Sports Juniors FC[ Results ]
Coulsdon Athletic LionsCrystal Palace Ladies FC[ Results ]
Selsdon Junior PumasHamsey Rangers Blues[ Results ]
The following games do not yet have dates assigned to them. Please note the order here does not indicate the order of play.
Home TeamAway Team
Addiscombe Athletic BlizzardsCoulsdon Athletic Lions[ Detail ]
Addiscombe Athletic BlizzardsCrystal Palace Ladies FC[ Detail ]
Addiscombe Athletic BlizzardsSelsdon Junior Pumas[ Detail ]
Addiscombe Athletic BlizzardsMillwall Lionesses FC[ Detail ]
Coulsdon Athletic LionsMoonshot Tigers[ Detail ]
Coulsdon Athletic LionsFriendly FC[ Detail ]
Crystal Palace Ladies FCHolland Sports Juniors FC[ Detail ]
Friendly FCAddiscombe Athletic Blizzards[ Detail ]
Friendly FCSelsdon Junior Pumas[ Detail ]
Friendly FCHolland Sports Juniors FC[ Detail ]
Hamsey Rangers BluesFriendly FC[ Detail ]
Hamsey Rangers BluesAddiscombe Athletic Blizzards[ Detail ]
Hamsey Rangers BluesCrystal Palace Ladies FC[ Detail ]
Hamsey Rangers BluesMoonshot Tigers[ Detail ]
Holland Sports Juniors FCCoulsdon Athletic Lions[ Detail ]
Holland Sports Juniors FCAddiscombe Athletic Blizzards[ Detail ]
Millwall Lionesses FCHamsey Rangers Blues[ Detail ]
Millwall Lionesses FCCoulsdon Athletic Lions[ Detail ]
Moonshot TigersFriendly FC[ Detail ]
Moonshot TigersCrystal Palace Ladies FC[ Detail ]
Moonshot TigersHolland Sports Juniors FC[ Detail ]
Selsdon Junior PumasMoonshot Tigers[ Detail ]
Selsdon Junior PumasHolland Sports Juniors FC[ Detail ]
Selsdon Junior PumasMillwall Lionesses FC[ Detail ]
Selsdon Junior PumasCrystal Palace Ladies FC[ Detail ]
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