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Warrington Junior Football League Message: Will all clubs be aware that from the weekend of November 4th/5th, any games that are subject to a Match Day Standards visit and do not have the correct roping, corner flags, nets and the correct number of officials in front of the ropes will be subject to a fine of 30 per offence. Barry Tither
Warrington Junior Football League Message: Managers are now able to make a comment, good or bad, about your referees performance when you post your match result regardless of the score you gave to your referee. Please refer to the document, ' WJFL By Laws' which you will find on the league's homepage under forms and documents. Please give an accurate assessment of your referee's performance based on the scoring maitrix on the Aide Memoire, which has been taken from the official FA Guidelines and can be found towards the end of the WJFL By Laws document. PLEASE ASK YOURSELF! Was my referee correct with every single decision they made? IF NOT, you should not be awarding a mark of 100. Their scores are now being monitored and it is impossible to give feedback and training to a referee who is always awarded 100.
Warrington Junior Football League Message: Please remember! Sunday 7pm is the cut off date and time to have the following weekends fixtures venues and ko times on OKS. This deadline applies to both Saturday and Sunday fixtures. A 10 fine will be issued for any fixture that is not allocated in time.
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