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Below is the procedure to register players for the 2017/2018 season. Please note that player registration can commence immediately. The minimum number of players registered per team must be completed by 27th July 2016. The minimum number of players are: 7 for 11v11, 6 for 9v9, 5 for 7v7 and 3 for 5v5. Team Managers need to be set up for the 2017/18 season (if not already done or rolled over by the system). Managers from 2016/17 season have already been migrated to the new age group. However, if there have been changes to the team officials then the team officials will need to be re-entered. The default season is now 2017/18, so to migrate all players from last season and start the registration process, please follow the steps below.

1. Login in to the OurKidsSports.com website and navigate to the leagues home page
2. From the League’s home page, select your club.
3. From the Clubs home page, select the 2016/17 season from the “Other Seasons” option at the bottom left hand side of the page and click the submit button.
4. Select last season’s team that you managed.
5. Select the “Player Records” option (Note. If this is not available, check that you are logged in correctly and ensure that you were one of the team officials of the selected team).
6. To “Migrate” players to the same team at the next age group (e.g. U12 to U13), select the “Migrate Players to New Season” option at the bottom of the player list.
7. Firstly select the team that you will be managing next season from the drop down box at the top of the age.
8. De-select from the check-boxes any players who are not moving to the same team in the next age group and press the “Migrate” Button.
9. Any players who are left will be displayed and available to take further action on as required, or if you have migrated all players, then you will be returned an empty list.
10. If any of the remaining players are migrating to a different team at this age group within this club, select the relevant team from the drop down box and repeat the migration process.
11. To deregister a player from your team, when the player is not migrating to another team within your club, use the deregister option in the drop-down box. (Note, this will break the link between the player and the club).
12. If players are migrated to the incorrect team, then your club Cyber Officer has the required permissions to move players between different teams within your club.
13. Where teams have moved across to a new Club the player migration will have to be done by myself & I will need to be notified of the players in those teams to be migrated to the new Club.
14. When you have completed all of your required player migration, click on your club name in the Navigation crumb trail at the top of the page, which will take you back to the default season (now 2017/18).

1. From the team view, click on the “Player Records” link, in the Team Manager Options panel.
2. Click on the Register a New Player link.
3. Type the player's email address in the Email Address field ONLY IF the player has his/her own Email address. Parents/Guardians Email addresses can be added when adding parent/guardian records to the players record.
4. Type the player's name in the Name field.
5. Add all of the remaining information. When you have added all of the information you need, click the Create New Player button. The Players List page is displayed.This is repeated until you have added all of your players.

PRODUCING A PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE REGISTRATION SECRETARY. (which incorporates the uploading of the players digital photo)
1. From the team view, click on the “Player Records” link, in the Team Manager Options panel.
2. Click on the “player card” link of the player you intend to print off the player registration card for.
3. Once all information needed to register the player has been entered, the option to "Print Registration Form" will be displayed, which you need to select.
4. You will be presented with the option to “Choose File”. Click on this option, which will open a dialogue box of your hard disk, from where you need to select the relevant players image.
5. A further option is then displayed to "Upload Image and Download Registration Form", which you click. This will create a PDF version of the players registration form, including the player image. There is now no need to print off this form, UNLESS the player is a new to the league player.
6. Repeat this process until you have created all your player registration forms.
7. Once a complete team (or the minimum number of players for a complete team) has been recorded on the system, then a new team form MUST be completed by the team manager. This form can be found in FORMS and DOCUMENTS and is called the TEAM VALIDATION RECORD. This form needs signing by players and parents as per the instruction on the form. Once completed FOR EVERY PLAYER WHO IS REGISTERED TO THAT TEAM, it must be signed by the team manager and given to your Club Secretary for validation. The Club Secretary must keep a copy and update it as additional players are added and hand a further copy to the Registration Secretaries. Only at the point of the Registration Secretary receiving the validation form will your team be registered and the team’s ID sheet be regenerated and validated.

I.E. A completed validation form will trigger the registration of your team, exactly the same way as handing in a dozen registration forms di in previous seasons..

8/’New to league players’ and in season transfers still need to be printed off and delivered to the appropriate Registration Secretary as per previous seasons.

Registration Secretaries for Season 2017/18:-


Appleton to Halton Lions:-

Catherine Barrow, 28 Ashgrove Crescent, Billinge , Wigan,WN5 7NH.

Haydock to Woolston Rovers

Ivan Hudson, 5 Morean Avenue, Orford, Warrington, WA2 9DW

All under 7’s and any other new to league players, migrations and in season transfers.

Alan Syddall, 105 The Parchments, Newton le Willows, WA12 0DX.

1. Proof of “Date of Birth” is only required for players not previously registered to the Warrington JFL or the player has moved to a new club.
2. All players details should be checked for changes in postal address, email address, contact details and school attended, etc & updated on OKS.
3. Names of players should be as that on the proof of birth document. It is recognised that some players are known by different names from that on their official document. Please contact the appropriate Registration’s Secretary for advice. Otherwise the registration will be rejected. Using recognised shortening of names is not ideal but is acceptable e.g. Jim for James
4. Photos should be passport size, FACE ONLY IMAGES. A new photo must be used every season. Images that are incorrect and not FACE ONLY will be rejected and a fine issued as will images that come through on ‘the side’.

5/Ensure the correct school is shown for every player with particular care taken when a player moves from Under 11 to Under 12 as they move from Primary school to High school.

6. Forms sent to any other league official will not be processed and will be destroyed by the recipient.
7. Player ID sheets will be available to print, once the players have been registered by the league registration secretary and the Team Validation form has been delivered, handed to the Registration Secretary.

8. Players are only eligible to play when their registration has been accepted seven days prior to playing. In pre-season ,registrations may be processed in less than the seven days. This is due to the workload on the Registration’s Secretaries. During the season, player registrations may actually take longer than the seven days but the registration will be processed such that the player does not miss any matches they are eligible to play in.
9. Players can now be registered for a team above their actual age without permission of the Management Committee..
10. If you have any questions, please send them to the relevant Registration Secretary in the first instance.

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