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Player Migration


1. Login in to the OurKidsSports.com website.

2. From the League’s home page, select your club.

3. From the Clubs home page, select the 2016/17 season from the “Other Seasons” option at the bottom left hand side of the page.

4. Select last season’s team that you managed.

5. Select the “List Players” option (Note. If this is not available, check that you are logged in correctly and ensure that you were one of the team officials of the selected team).

6. To “Migrate” players to the same team at the next age group (e.g. U9lions to U10lions), select the “Migrate Players to New Season” option at the bottom of the player list.

7. Firstly select the team that you will be managing next season from the drop down box at the top of the age.

8. De-select from the check-boxes any players who are not moving to the same team in the next age group and press the “Migrate” Button.

9. Any players who are left will be displayed and available to take further action on as required, or if you have migrated all players, then you will be returned an empty list.

10. If any of the remaining players are migrating to a different team at this age group within this club, select the relevant team from the drop down box and repeat the migration process.

11. To deregister a player from your team, when the player is not migrating to another team within your club, use the deregister option in the drop-down box. (Note, this will break the link between the player and the club).

12. If players are migrated to the incorrect team, then your club Cyber Officer has the required permissions to move players between different teams within your club.

13. When you have completed all of your required player migration, click on your club name in the Navigation crumb trail at the top of the page, which will take you back to the default season.

14. Registration Processfor 2017/18 can be found under content Registration Details 2017/18.


1. Proof of “Date of Birth” is only required for players not previously registered to SEEPL.

2. All players’ details should be checked for changes in postal address, email address, contact.


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