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Best Practice Guidance

Best practice guidance


1.   Always approach any unidentified or suspicious adults observing games/training and ask about their involvement in the game.


2.   If the person identifies themselves as a Professional Club Scout always ask to see their identification, if they are unable to provide this ask them for the name and person at the Club who they formally report to (Scouts should identify themselves to Club Managers/ Officials at the start of a game or training session).


3.   If the person cannot provide identification or contact details for verification, and choose to stay at the game/training session ensure they are not left on their own.


4.   If you have any reason to be suspicious of their actions or intentions or where there is no identification you may wish to ask them to leave or contact the Police.


5.   Ensure that all your Club members are familiar with your procedures for dropping off and collection of players before and after games/training.


6.   Report any incidents to your Club and County Welfare Officer.




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