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1.1 What time do the results need to be input by?

        The results can be input at any time, although must be entered prior to the 7pm deadline.

1.2 Who needs to input the results?

      Both the home and away team must input the results.

1.3 What happens if the manager is away on holiday and is unable to input the result?

      This will depend on your Clubs procedures.  Either the Club Cyber Officer will input the result or alternatively another official will process the result.

1.4 Do I still need to complete the online match card?

If the game is cancelled then only complete the cancellation part

     1.5 What happens if the result is not entered by 7pm?

      Your club will be subject to a fine in accordance with the league rules.

 1.6 What should i do if i do not get a phone call or email confirmatation to confirm game?

      if you have not heard by wednesday, contact the other team.

      if you cannot make contact with them still, then contact the club secretary



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