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Double Header Games



The fundamental differences between normal fixtures and “Double Header” fixtures are detailed in Rule 26 which can be found on page 40 in The Tandridge Youth Football League Handbook.

Rule 26.A lays out the criteria for awarding “Double Header” fixtures and the procedure that should be followed.

The reason that “Double Headers” are used is that there are insufficient Sundays left in the playing season to enable all the games to be played, this results in the need for two matches to be played on the same Sunday, the League cannot fixture League matches on any other day.

Assuming that a “double Header” has been cast and has to be played the League Fixture Secretary will nominate the Host Club (where the fixtures will take place) the Host Club will be deemed the Home team for the first fixture only, the roles reverse for the second fixture.

The start of the first match should be no later than 1.30pm in winter months.

Match Cards must be completed for each game as well as the usual pre-match inspection of registration cards.

Different registered players can be introduced for the second match.

If so desired the referee can be changed to the home Clubs preference as long as League rules are observed.

Home teams must ring in or enter the result for their own fixture.

In the event of a match being called off for any other reason but adverse weather conditions a Tan 5 must be completed for both games in accordance with Rule 10.I

The fees for referees are different to normal fixtures and are printed on page 66 of The Tandridge Youth Football League Handbook and are per game with each team being responsible for the payment of the referee in their home game.

The Host Club is responsible for the pitch hire


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