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2018-2019 Teams

LsportsC Profile

The Lewisham Sports Consortium is a charity run entirely by volunteers.  The organisation is based at Firhill Road Sports Ground and provides sports, education, training and cultural activities. What is now a sports ground was disused land which has been cleared and developed over a number of years by these volunteers.  The organisation was established as a constituted voluntary organisation in June 1998, became a Company Limited by Guarantee (November 2001) and a registered Charity in May 2005.

We run our football teams and our training sessions by the ethos below:


Listening & Learning;


Politeness, Courtesy;

Opinions - new ideas, creativity;


Thinking positively and being confident;

Staying focused and working hard;

Community – sharing skills & talents, working with others


Website: http://www.lsportsc.org

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