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Harvington Sports Ground, South Eden Park Road, Beckenham

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Age groups that play here: Under 17,Under 16,Under 12,Under 11,Under 18,

Private Ground

Address: Cromwell Close, Bromley, BR2 9GD

Notes: Enter from the bottom of Masons Hill near Bromley South and head to new housing development (ex site of Bromley Hospital). Gate open at end of Cromwell Close. Please note that Cromwell Close and surrounding roads have parking restrictions and meters (60p an hour) No dogs, No smoking or No alcahol are permitted on the grounds

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Age groups that play here: Under 14,Under 7,Under 8,Under 13,Under 9,Under 12,Under 11,Under 10,Under 15,Under 17,Under 16,Under 18,Under 21,

The John Cooper Ground

Address: Scrubs Farm Sports Ground, Lower Gravel Road, Bromley Common, Kent, BR2 8LL

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Age groups that play here: Under 13,Under 16,Under 17,Under 18,Under 12,Under 8,Under 14,Under 9,Under 10,Under 11,Under 15,Under 7,Under 21,
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